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BluMetric offers a wide range of waste management consulting services to government, public institutions and businesses, including auditing and waste reduction planning, facilities design and permitting/approvals, environmental monitoring, and training. Our customers know that the benefits from improved waste management practices result in a better environment and a more efficient organization. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to understanding the regulatory pressures and economic needs of our clients, and has a broad range of experience that ensures we offer innovative waste management solutions that are technically appropriate and economically achievable.

Waste Reduction and Beneficial Use

Reducing the amount of waste and finding uses for these materials can reduce an organization's operating costs and extend the lifespan of existing landfills.  BluMetric has assisted several businesses and institutions by conducting audits of their waste management practices and developing strategies for reducing wastes. Some of these companies have gone on to receive recognition for their waste reduction initiatives from organizations such as the Recycling Council of Ontario. BluMetric is also experienced in researching and evaluating beneficial uses for waste materials such as wastewater-treatment biosolids, composted organics and industrial residuals.

Facilities Planning and Approvals

A thorough understanding of waste management legislation is critical to successful business and public policy decisions. The environmental assessment planning process is rigorous, and often very expensive. Organizations must have an experienced, competent team in place to ensure that potential environmental effects from their proposed waste management facilities are fully addressed, and that the results of these assessments are clearly communicated to the regulators and the public. BluMetric often takes on a major role on multi-disciplinary teams acting for businesses and municipalities conducting environmental assessments for new facilities. Our experienced staff has the knowledge to perform detailed evaluations of potential environmental effects, as well as the skills needed to clearly articulate this information and to address concerns from the public.

Facility Design and Operations

BluMetric offers complete design services to owners/operators of municipal and industrial waste processing and disposal sites. Engineering services include the design and sequencing of landfills, leachate characterization, collection and treatment, development of operating procedures, site capacity and volumetric control, landfill reclamation, closure plans and environmental control systems. Our staff has completed the design and implementation of phasing plans, geosynthetic and natural clay barrier systems, groundwater purge wells and hydraulic containment systems, digital simulation for leachate capture system design and performance evaluation, leachate treatment including wetlands, storm water management systems, and landfill closure plans. We work closely with our clients from concept to completion to ensure that our designs fully meet expectations as well as the requirements for regulatory approvals.

Environmental Monitoring

Following the approval and initial development of a waste management facility, it is important that the site be monitored to be certain that the environmental controls are operating as designed. It is also important that existing and closed sites are monitored to ensure there are no environmental impacts and to implement contingency measures to correct any problems. BluMetric's staff of fully-qualified hydrogeologists, engineers and air quality specialists have developed and executed environmental monitoring programs at facilities around the world. We bring this breadth of experience to every project, ensuring that the monitoring programs are comprehensive and appropriate to the site-specific conditions.

Solid, Liquid, & Hazardous Waste Management

  • Waste auditing, reduction, segregation, handling and transportation systems
  • Landfill design, permitting, and operations
  • Leachate treatment systems design and construction
  • Landfill gas management


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