Complete environmental solutions

BluMetric provides end-to-end solutions in environmental geosciences and engineering, industrial hygiene, occupational health and safety, water and wastewater treatment, and environmental contracting and management.

In addition to its Professional Engineers, Professional Geoscientists and Registered/Certified Occupational Hygienists, BluMetric has an interdisciplinary team of scientists in the fields of environmental science, as well as related technicians. They perform site assessment, environmental remediation, and compliance reporting for all manner of locations, from dense inner cities to remote northern outposts.


BluMetric was founded on geoscience expertise, and our outstanding reputation in hydrogeology continues to be one of our major differentiators in the environmental professional services industry.

Geoscience, or Earth Science, is the scientific study of the planet Earth and its many different natural geologic systems. BluMetric’s geoscientists provide consulting services in the fields of safe drinking water supply and management, contaminant hydrogeology environmental geosciences, and geothermal energy, as well as environmental remediation and management.

BluMetric’s hydrogeologists and geoscientists work collaboratively with our engineers, scientists, and technicians, as well as with clients and regulators, to develop tailored solutions to identify, design, and permit clean drinking water supplies. Our team also supports mine and open pit dewatering to ensure environmental standards have been met and to prevent or mitigate negative impacts on neighbouring communities and habitats.

Environmental site assessment and remediation

Since BluMetric’s inception in 1976, we provide high-level site assessment and remediation services to the property management, real estate, legal, and brownfield redevelopment fields across Canada — including the far north.

During real estate transactions or corporate mergers, or simply through standard operations and management of properties, environmental liabilities can be a major concern. BluMetric is frequently called upon to perform or contribute to due diligence audits of properties or buildings prior to transactions. These Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) involve intensive reviews of information, site inspections, and interviews, and may lead to testing of soil, groundwater, sediment, and surface water. The goal is to identify and quantify environmental liabilities, assess compliance, and estimate the costs of achieving or maintaining compliance.

In most cases, the adequacy of an ESA will be judged by how it compares to standards such as those established by the Regional and Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Senior BluMetric staff were members of the CSA committee that established the standards for Phase I ESAs.

Brownfield site redevelopment is heavily regulated. BluMetric works closely with stakeholders including property owners and potential purchasers, municipal officials, conservation authorities, regulatory agencies, and financial institution to navigate this regulatory regime efficiently and economically.

BluMetric has obtained numerous permits to allow redevelopment of brownfield sites. When generic Site Condition Standards are not met, BluMetric will complete an environmental management options analysis which includes an evaluation of numerous remedial alternatives and Risk Assessment (RA). RA is the process of estimating the potential risks posed by contaminants to human and ecological occupants of a site. The RA will consider site-specific conditions and exposure scenarios to identify property specific standards that correspond to acceptable risk levels that are often less stringent than generic standards. This can lead to a reduction or elimination of the need for remediation leading to both time and cost savings.


BluMetric delivers complete environmental engineering solutions to a wide variety of issues related to contaminated site remediation, water resource management, water and wastewater treatment, and solid waste management. At our core is a multidisciplinary group of civil, geological, chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineers. Taking the time and effort to fully understand our clients’ unique challenges, we then curate each project team for the specialized knowledge, skills, and experience required to solve the problem.

Our environmental engineering solutions are custom designed to our clients’ needs. Our solutions include, but are not limited to: cost-effective solutions to clean up contaminants or mitigate the risks they pose to receptors; the design, fabrication and operation of treatment technologies to treat potable water and a wide array of residential, commercial and industrial wastewaters in populated and remote locations; and, solutions to help manage waste residuals in an environmentally responsible way that optimizes the design and operation of new and existing waste management infrastructure and minimizes carbon footprints.

Occupational Hygiene and Safety

The BluMetric occupational hygiene team is committed to protecting the health and safety of workers by anticipating, recognizing, assessing, and controlling chemical, physical, and biological occupational hazards.

BluMetric’s occupational hygienists conduct workplace exposure assessments, investigations sampling, and monitoring of chemical/biological hazards, as well as hazardous building material assessments. We also perform toxicity assessments and provide remediation oversight.

Our occupational hygienists, engineers, scientists, and technicians are experienced in addressing indoor air quality issues, chemical and biological contaminants of concern, physical agents such as noise, heat stress, cold stress, and confined spaces, and other contaminants such as mould, asbestos, lead, and more.

Our work in protecting worker health and safety includes, but is not limited to, hazardous building material assessments, management and remediation support, workplace health and safety compliance, program development, corporate and management system audits, hazard identification and risk assessment, and analysis and the provision of various comprehensive training programs that can be customized to suit your needs.

In the face of COVID-19, services such as workplace evaluations, ventilation system assessments, and respirator selection and fit testing became increasingly important. Further COVID-19 related services include assistance in production monitoring support and contact tracing.

Experts in federal and provincial regulations, we advise our clients on everything they need to know (and do) to keep their workforce healthy, safe, and compliant.


BluMetric’s geomatics specialists use modern tools and techniques to streamline access to spatial information and facilitate its management and use. We use both industry-standard software platforms and custom applications.

Our experience includes precise mapping of industrial, mining, and infrastructure locations, often for remote sites. We collect data using technology such as drones (RPAs), RTK-GPS, ground based LiDAR, remote sensing, and sonar to provide detailed field surveys showing high resolution topography, ortho-imagery, bathymetry, and other natural and human-made features of importance or areas of impact. We provide the data to our clients in a secure proprietary Environmental Data Management System (EDMS). This is a web-based platform that allows decision makers to review chemistry results, as well as easy mapping and graphing of contaminated sites.

Our Aquatic Invasive Species Monitoring service provides detailed invasive vegetation inventories, water and shoreline health assessments, as well as customized prevention and control plans for invasive aquatic vegetation in your body of water.

Geomatics services provided by BluMetric are ideal for clients who require advanced and highly detailed mapping services.

Fabrication and Operation Support Services

Our team has decades of military, water and wastewater treatment experience, building, implementing, and deploying custom and off-the-shelf water treatment solutions. We have full welding, machining, electrical, assembly, and testing capabilities. BluMetric is certified, ISO 9001-2015, CWB CSA Standard W47.1, and TSSA CSA B51 AMSE B31.1 and B31.3

We provide Canadian-made, proven, and highly effective water purification solutions to Land Forces, Navy, and commercial shipbuilding markets, and more. We also provide exceptional engineering support, training, field support, and immediate response service for day-to-day operations and for disaster relief.

As the drinking water experts for the Canadian Armed Forces, BluMetric has designed, built, and deployed customized and off-the-shelf systems for shipbuilding programs, retrofits, and land systems. In addition to needs assessment, design, manufacture, and implementation, BluMetric provides support, service (Combat Zone Certified), and training for success.

Outside of military use, products such as our mobile wastewater treatment plants are used in remote and harsh environments such as northern mines. They are also ready for domestic and international disaster relief in field hospitals, refugee camps, and areas where water infrastructure has been compromised by natural disaster or human activity.

Our global footprint

We have worked in over 61 countries providing solution-oriented consultation, design, products, and construction services to clients with complex environmental issues.

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