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A reliable source of clean drinking water is essential for life. For over 35 years BluMetric's team of hydrogeologists, water resource scientists & engineers have been exploring, developing and protecting groundwater and surface water supplies in Canada and abroad. The quality and quantity of domestic and global water supplies are under increasing pressure. BluMetric clients rely on our physical hydrogeology; source water protection planning, water resource development, management and protection strategies; and groundwater flow and transport modelling capabilities to help manage these pressures.

Drinking Water Quality and Management

Safe drinking water supplies are a key issue for facilities supplying water to the public. Provinces throughout Canada have implemented or are developing legislation to ensure safe water supplies. Since the 1990s, BluMetric has played an important role in studies supporting Ontario's Safe Drinking Water Act, and provided direction and guidance for the development of the Ontario's Drinking Water Quality Management Standard.

BluMetric works with municipal clients providing quality management, engineering and hydrogeological services for the provision of affordable, clean and safe drinking water. BluMetric has the technical expertise, knowledge of Drinking Water Quality Management Systems and experience communicating with regulators to evaluate existing water supplies, and design and recommend suitable solutions as they apply to all aspects of drinking water supply and protection.

Source Water Protection Plans

Protecting our clean water supplies is critical. World-wide experts are taking a deep dive look into better understanding where our water comes from. BluMetric has been at the leading edge of this field for over 30 years. Globally, BluMetric has worked in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean to evaluate clean water resources and the development pressures they face. Domestically, BluMetric has worked with municipalities to better understand their water supplies from a hydrological, hydrogeological, and socio-economic perspective. With this understanding of the threats from regional and site-specific land uses, BluMetric has developed numerous municipal based Source Water Protection Plans.

GUDI Assessments

The link between groundwater and surface water resources has been recognized for generations. The risks to drinking water quality and the interaction and relation of the two, is more of a recent concern. Since the 1990s, BluMetric has been investigating Groundwater Under the Direct Influence (GUDI) of surface water for private and municipal clients. GUDI assessments are completed in accordance with provincial protocols. BluMetric also provides expert GUDI assessment review on behalf of the MOE and authored the first report in Ontario for a Microbial Control Plan to protect a GUDI water supply site from potential microbial risks.

Design and Installation of Water Supply Wells

For over 35 years, BluMetric has been designing and supervising the installation of municipal, industrial and domestic water supply wells. BluMetric conducts water resource studies for water resource identification, development and protection, as well as hydrogeological testing and source water assessment for safe, secure water supplies domestically and abroad.

Hydrogeology and Hydrology

  • Source water protection planning
  • Water supply hydrogeology
  • Watershed hydrology
  • Contaminant hydrogeology
  • Dewatering assessment
  • Permits to take water
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