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BluMetric Wins US$1 Million Contract for Wastewater Treatment System in N.Y

Canadian Timely Disclosure Pack – For release May 2, 2013

BluMetric Environment Inc. (TSXV: BLM) is proud to announce that it has been awarded a contract worth US$1 million for the supply of wastewater treatment equipment operated by a municipality in the state of New York.

The contract is for BluMetric’s Water Treatment division’s biodisc (biodisc) technology, which will be used to treat municipal wastewater. Through this contract, the customer will implement three different configurations of BluMetric’s technology. After an evaluation period of approximately six months, the customer will make a decision as to which one to use for the entire process plant. Modernization of the rest of the facility is currently budgeted to include approximately US$7 million of additional BluMetric biodisc equipment.

“Hundreds of biodisk systems were installed in the Northeastern United States in the 1970s and 1980s,” said Harry Marshall, president of BluMetric’s Water Treatment Division. “It’s a very robust and reliable technology, but this vast technology park is nearing its 30-year life cycle and all these facilities will soon have to be modernized and upgraded. With our proprietary technology and decades of experience with biodiscs, BluMetric is uniquely positioned to support many US municipalities as they modernize and improve their existing wastewater treatment facilities.”

According to William Touzel, CEO of BluMetric, “We are seeing encouraging signs of recovery in this part of the US market. The United States is a key element of our growth initiatives and this strategic project lays a solid foundation for seizing future opportunities. »

About BluMetric

BluMetric offers sustainable solutions to complex environmental issues. The Company serves clients in various industrial sectors and at all levels of government, in Canada and abroad.

BluMetric has two divisions:

A “Professional Services” division focused on environmental sciences and engineering, rehabilitation of contaminated sites, water resources management, industrial hygiene and occupational health and safety, as well as renewable energies . This division operates under the names “Envir-Eau”, “WESA” and “OEL-HydroSys”;
A “Water Treatment” division providing both design-build services and custom-assembled product solutions in response to industrial/commercial drinking water and wastewater treatment needs. This division operates under the names “WESAtech” and “Seprotech”.

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