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Multi-Phase Vacuum Extraction System

Name of Project: Multi-Phase Vacuum Extraction System
City and province: Montreal, Quebec
Client: Confidential Client
Client Sectors: Petroleum
Services: Hydrogeology, Site Assessment, Remediation & Monitoring


BluMetric is managing the remediation and monitoring activities at a former gas station. Gasoline in the form of Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid (LNAPL) is present on the water table at the site and in the adjacent road allowance. A Multi Phase Vacuum Extraction system (MPVE) was designed and installed to recover the LNAPL. The remediation objective, defined by the City of Montreal, was to reduce the thickness of LNAPL to less than 3 cm. Fifty (50) extraction wells were installed on the Site. The MPVE system can use any or all of the fifty wells to optimize performance, based on a bi-weekly monitoring program of LNAPL and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) concentrations. Many of the monitoring and extraction wells are located on a major thorough fare. As a result BluMetric is responsible for traffic control, permitting and safety requirements during well monitoring and MPVE infrastructure installation and repairs.

BluMetric ensures that the system is operated in compliance with the permit issued by the City of Montreal. BluMetric collects all field data relevant to the optimization of the remediation system. BluMetric provides oversight of site environment and health and safety issues related to the remediation. BluMetric completes and/or coordinates and supervises the required subcontractors, for the maintenance of the remediation system and the monitoring well network.

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