Sustainable mining is an essential part of industries future economic growth. BluMetric provides solutions that ensure new and legacy mining operations are compliant with current and emerging regulations, as well as to enable them to preserve the health and safety of people and environments

We provide cost-effective and complete design solutions to your most critical challenges, such as environmental baseline studies, permitting, closure planning, surface-water and groundwater assessment and management, site care and maintenance, occupational health and safety, and site cleanup.

Our team is equipped to design and deliver remediation and rehabilitation services, supporting proposed, operating or closed mine operations. When mining operations are comingled with Indigenous lands, we work collaboratively with Indigenous leaders to understand the complex nature of their cultural relationships with the land, water, flora, and fauna.

Our team is equipped to support:

  • baseline studies;
  • environmental baseline and approvals permitting;
  • environmental and impact assessments;
  • regulatory support;
  • risk and mitigation planning;
  • water – supply, management and treatment;
  • legacy remediation;
  • Indigenous relations;
  • compliance, auditing and monitoring;
  • waste management;
  • closure planning &rehabilitation;
  • site clean-up, care and maintenance;
  • occupational health and safety.

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