Military (NCAGE: L0AV8)

At BluMetric, we pride ourselves on “Providing water to those who provide freedom®”. In 2024, BluMetric was recognized as a Top 100 CDR Defence company, with a rank of #54. We are widely recognized as leading water and wastewater subject matter experts for the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

We design and build our water and wastewater treatment plants to operate across the globe, under the most difficult conditions. This technology has been tested through real-world deployments set up, operated, and supported by BluMetric.

We provide Canadian-made, proven, and highly effective clean water solutions to the Land Forces, Navy, and commercial shipbuilding markets. BluMetric has designed and manufactured our own deployment-ready water purification and treatment systems. These systems are modular and customizable, built to suit immediate needs as well as to scale up or down according to changing requirements. We innovate through operational simplicity and mission-tested reliability. We are also able to provide retrofits for legacy vessels and equipment while offering a shipboard drinking water system that is 54% more efficient than average shipboard treatment systems.

All our systems are manufactured to the highest possible standards of ruggedization, energy efficiency, and ease-of-use, so they are deployable and re-deployable as needs arise and change. Our systems are designed to be set up — and packed up — in hours or less, for rapid deployment and redeployment. In other words, while other suppliers run on a calendar, BluMetric runs on a stopwatch.

BluMetric’s systems and solutions are designed to use less energy and fewer consumables. This means they are compatible with the latest “green fleet” initiatives.

We also provide exceptional engineering support, field support (combat zone certified), and immediate response service for day-to-day operations and for disaster relief. Our team includes military veterans who have real world deployment experience and are on-call 24/7 to support and be ready to deploy in any situation, including combat zones, humanitarian relief crises, and even commercial cruise ships experiencing unexpected emergencies in the post-COVID world.

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