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More and more organizations are recognizing the value of an effective management system to support compliance with local, provincial/state and federal quality, environmental and health & safety legislation and regulations. Management systems based upon internationally recognized generic standards (ISO, OHSAS) and local or industry specific standards (RC, DWQMS) are now regarded as essential structures for developing, maintaining and improving operational control and outcomes.

Management systems have been specified as a requirement for doing business in a variety of sectors, including the public sector. Industry and governments worldwide have applied management systems and expect the same from their supply base.

Our Knowledge

BluMetric has been providing management systems consulting and training services since 2003. BluMetric management system consultants have up to 20 years of direct experience in management system development and implementation across a number of service sectors: manufacturing (1st – 3rd tier), consulting, engineering, utilities and institutions.

The BluMetric Model

BluMetric approaches each management system engagement as a shared learning activity. We do not attempt to change the organization to "fit" the management system. We work to make the management system fit the organization. Our mandate is to provide our customers with a management system that not only addresses the requirements of one or more standards, but also "fits" the culture and behaviour of the implementing organization. A management system is made up of processes and those who "own" those processes. Documenting a management system is fairly simple, but implementation can be very difficult. A successfully-implemented and value-adding management system is dependent upon the knowledge of the owners of the processes. The relevant aspects of the management system are communicated to each process owner in such a manner as to ensure comprehension and support implementation.

It is in this approach that we ensure that our knowledge of management systems is transferred to and applied by the customer's staff. When BluMetric completes the engagement, the knowledge and the skills necessary to maintain and continually improve the management system stay with the customer.


Our measure of success is a management system that the customer can (as appropriate):

  • Increase quality of processes and outcomes,
  • Reduce or eliminate their negative environmental aspects and impacts,
  • Improve the health, safety and well-being of their employees and other stakeholders, and
  • Reduce their energy consumption without negative impact.


Our management systems expertise includes: ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), ISO 50001 (Energy Management), OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety Management), DWQMS (Drinking-Water Quality Management), Continual Improvement (Kaizen, QC Story), Effective Corrective Action and Internal Auditing (as per ISO 19011).

BluMetric also offers gap analysis, process mapping and customized on-site internal auditor training to support in-house management systems development.

BluMetric is capable of providing expert support for your management system development, implementation and auditing activities regardless of the size or nature of the operation. Our consultants have worked with organizations as small as 6 people with a single location to those as large as 5,000 employees with 30 locations.

Management Systems

  • ISO 14001
  • MOE DWQMS (ISO/DIS 24512)
  • OHSAS 18001
  • Environmental best management practices
  • Emergency response program development
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