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  • 35-year history of success
  • Great client base
  • Reputable professional services and design-build capabilities
  • Profitable and positioned for growth

WESA was founded in 1976, specializing in the provision of high-level hydrogeology expertise to meet the clean water and sanitation needs of industry and government.

As public awareness increased and environmental regulation evolved over the past four decades, the company’s service base and areas of expertise broadened significantly. WESA undertook extensive research and development in the areas of contaminated site remediation, water/wastewater treatment, and finding better ways to investigate, characterize and resolve environmental impacts. WESA operated in many industrial sectors, was well diversified, and completed thousands of projects on behalf of hundreds of clients over the years. WESA's service offerings included all aspects of environmental science & engineering, industrial hygiene, occupational health & safety, environmental risk assessment, permitting and management, geomatics and GIS, environmental compliance auditing, and management systems.

In response to client requests, the WESA Group began offering industrial water and wastewater treatment design-build services through WESAtech. The experience demonstrated that there are highly effective synergies between consulting services and solutions implementation.

Envir-Eau was established in 1990 to deliver professional services to Quebec clients.

What is now BluMetric's renewable energy service line was created in 2006 to provide project development, environmental assessment, and engineering services to the renewable energy, waterpower, and hydraulic structures industry.

WESA operated domestically and completed projects in more than 30 countries, creating relationships that serve BluMetric well.

  • 25-year history
  • Strong client base
  • Great water and wastewater products, IP and industry expertise
  • Poised for financial recovery

Seprotech was founded in 1985 to solve difficult environmental problems relating to water treatment, re-use, and wastewater technology solutions. Through significant investments in developing technologies and strategic acquisitions, Seprotech offered state-of-the-art water and wastewater treatment capabilities used in thousands of applications around the world.

Seprotech’s capabilities ranged from evaluating environmental water problems, designing water treatment solutions and manufacturing wastewater systems, to commissioning water and wastewater equipment in the field. With thousands of systems successfully custom built for customers worldwide, Seprotech established a reputation for design, engineering and manufacturing excellence with over 2,000 installed treatment plants throughout the world.

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