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At all levels of government, there is a mandate to protect and improve the environment. To this end, many government agencies and ministries require facilities operating in their area to report on specific environmental issues they feel are of concern (air/water emissions, hazardous waste, sewer releases, spills etc). This enables the various levels of government to assess concerns and identify program requirements more accurately, in addition to monitoring the effectiveness of existing programs.

The result is that facilities (industrial, commercial and institutional) are faced with a broad range of reporting requirements, each with a different reporting threshold and a different focus. For example, at the federal level, Canada has the National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) and Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program (GHGRP). Provincially, requirements vary but generally include air emissions (chemical and greenhouse gas), water emissions and toxic substance reporting and planning. And at the municipal level, depending on the jurisdiction, there are bylaws related to water (sewer-use), air emissions and toxic chemical use.

BluMetric has over 20 years of experience with environmental reporting and has worked with all parties involved - both the regulated community and the governments developing the regulations, and this has provided invaluable insight into the requirements.

We have a team of professionals with the required knowledge, experience and accreditation to assist you with your reporting requirements. Our objective is to help you ensure that your facility operates in compliance with the regulatory requirements that apply to it. We have the experience, knowledge and flexibility to understand your operations and develop our processes so that they work with your operations and systems; we don't try to force your operations to fit our system.

Examples of reporting programs that BluMetric frequently assists clients with include:

  • National Pollutant Release Inventory
  • Ontario Regulation 127
  • Ontario Toxics Reduction Act
  • Annual Reporting required by a Certificate of Approval / Environmental Compliance Approval
  • Greenhouse gas reporting (federal and provincial)
  • Municipal sewer-use bylaw reporting
  • Toronto ChemTRAC reporting
  • Oakville Health Protection Air Quality Bylaw
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