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Reliable Shipboard Water Treatment

Location: Manufactured in Ottawa, Ontario
Client: Department of National Defence (DND)
Client Sectors: Military
Services: Engineering, Manufacture/Assembly, Technical Field Support

BluMetric has worked extensively with the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) supporting the Department of National Defence (DND) in the manufacture and servicing of Shipboard Reverse Osmosis Desalination (SROD) units. BluMetric SROD units are currently installed on Canada’s Halifax Class Frigates and earmarked for the Joint Support Ships (JSS). BluMetric also provides engineering and field support to these and other SROD systems onboard the Asterix and Kingston Class Coastal Defence Vessels (CDV) with immediate 24/7 response services.

The BluMetric SROD units are fully self-contained, customizable and skid-mounted for straightforward installation. One SROD unit can provide 42m3/day of drinking water, which is enough water for 420 people at an average consumption of 100 litres/day/person. The SROD is also DNVGL certified, with the ability to provide reliable water purification from almost any water source, with 99.9% removal of all bacteria and viruses.

Features of the SROD include:

  • Reliable water purification (water source: fresh, brackish, salt, turbid)
  • Automatic and manual operation
  • Remote monitoring
  • Full operation at sea and in port
  • Ability to treat water in littoral waters
  • Maximum dissolved solids: 45,000 ppm
  • Maximum hardness: 200 mg/L
  • Maximum turbidity: 200 NTU (tested to 350 NTU)
  • Two Stage Purification System:
    • < 150 ppm for drinking water
    • < 2 ppm for turbine wash

BluMetric Energy Recovery Device (ERD) module bolts onto any existing or new Reverse Osmosis (RO) treatment system and is included on BluMetric SROD systems. The ERD reduces energy consumption up to 54% and minimizes the duties for system operations and monitoring.


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