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Mobile Water Treatment

Location: Manufactured in Ottawa, Ontario
Client: Department of National Defence (DND)
Client Sectors: Military
Services: Engineering, Manufacture/Assembly, Technical Field Support

BluMetric currently supplies the Canadian Department of National Defense (DND) with Reverse Osmosis Water Purification Units (ROWPU) that produce reliable drinking water from nearly any water source. The ROWPUs are used during military operations, humanitarian and disaster relief missions. The ROWPU is a rugged system, designed to meet the needs for all remote, rural and urban deployments, delivering fresh drinking water within hours of set-up and with the ability to be re-deployed quickly. One ROWPU can provide 150m3/day of drinking water, which is enough water for 3,000 people at an average consumption of 50 litres/day/person. BluMetric provides 24/7 on-call field service and support for these systems anywhere in the world.

Features of the ROWPU include:

  • Reliable water purification (source water: fresh, brackish, salt, turbid)
  • Automatic and manual operation
  • Onboard power through diesel generator/battery storage, plus local power (when available)
  • Fully self-contained in a 20’ container
  • Truck and air transportable
  • CBRN removal, including NX nerve gas
  • Built-in system redundancy
  • Maximum dissolved solids – 45,000 ppm
  • Maximum hardness – 200 mg/L
  • Maximum turbidity – 350 NTU
  • Nominal hourly output at 20oC – 1,000 ppm TDS
    • First pass = 5,250 LPH
    • Second pass = 850 LPH
    • Double pass = 2,750 LPH