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Source Water Protection

Name of Project: Source Water Protection
City and province: Eastern Ontario
Client: Raisin Region Conservation Authority and South Nation Conservation Authority
Client Sectors: Conservation Authorities
Services: Hydrogeology


BluMetric completed the delineation of the surface water Intake Protection Zones for five municipalities in Eastern Ontario. The assessment of surface water vulnerability is a preliminary evaluation that will be integrated into the overall watershed plan based on eco-system management principles. BluMetric provided expertise in reviewing existing technical data (federal, provincial, published reports, as well as local reports from conservation authorities, municipalities, and consultants' reports).

A database was constructed for the purpose of managing historic and current technical information on a regional scale. Information within this database was used to complete the initial watershed assessment study report. Information in the preliminary water budget report included precipitation, temperature, surface water elevations, groundwater use, and direction of groundwater flow. Subsequently BluMetric was contracted to complete a detailed geologic and conceptual hydrogeologic model for the watershed.

BluMetric has extensive experience in applied hydrogeology, and specifically numerical modelling. BluMetric has used MODFLOW and ViewLog to develop local-scale and regional-scale hydrogeologic models for the purpose of delineating Well Head Protection Areas, assessing aquifer vulnerability and assessment uncertainty. Detailed local and regional technical data were incorporated into all numerical models to optimize the interpretation of the hydrogeological regime. BluMetric worked closely with academia, government agencies and local municipalities to refine and enhance interpretation of the local data.

The development of the conceptual geologic and hydrogeologic models was used as a foundation for existing information to develop a three-dimensional understanding of the regional physical environment required to complete the water budget.

BluMetric has incorporated recently acquired field results into the geologic model, and BluMetric worked closely with the RRCA/SNC to better understand the hydrogeology of these deposits as part of ongoing projects. Database information collected throughout the project was provided to the client for their use.

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