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BluMetric Preventing Violence and Harassment in the Workplace Policy (PDF)

BluMetric Environmental Inc. (BluMetric™) is committed to a safe and healthy workplace, and to the prevention of violence, harassment and abuse towards any employee. We place a high value on creating a positive working environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. We are committed to taking all reasonable measures to protect and support our employees while they are at work, and to meet or exceed our legal obligations regarding workplace violence and harassment.


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that:

  • Individuals understand that acts of workplace violence or harassment are considered to be serious issues for which appropriate actions will be taken;
  • Individuals subjected to threats or acts of violence or harassment are encouraged to report all such incidents immediately to their Project Manager, Office Manager/First Line Management, and/or the BluMetric VinW Coordinator;
  • Employees are provided with appropriate training to allow them to recognize the risks associated with, and the measures for preventing, managing and responding to work place violence and harassment;
  • The risk of workplace violence and harassment is assessed systematically and regularly; and,
  • Safe measures and procedures are established to eliminate or reduce the risk of workplace violence and harassment.

This policy prohibits reprisals against any individual who, in good faith, has reported a workplace violence or harassment incident. Procedures are outlined in the Employee Handbook.

Scott MacFabe

March 2018

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