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Landfill Management

Name of Project: Landfill Management
City and province: Stratford, Ontario
Client: Corporation of the City of Stratford
Client Sectors: Municipalities
Services: Waste Management


Since 1991, BluMetric has been helping this urban Ontario municipality upgrade and expand its landfill site. The process began with an environmental site assessment and regular groundwater, surface water and methane monitoring of existing filled areas, and leachate collection system upgrades to ensure regulatory compliance. As the existing landfill neared capacity, BluMetric completed a detailed hydrogeological assessment of the balance of the site to develop design criteria for a series of new landfill cells. The assessment included a detailed drilling program and hydraulic testing. The new landfill cell designs include an engineered natural clay liner and landfill gas collection. The expansion of the landfill also required MOECC and public consultation, contingency planning, Environmental Impact Assessment, and Environmental Compliance Approval. BluMetric supervised the landfill construction and was responsible for construction QA/QC, winter monitoring and maintenance for liner integrity. The location of the new landfill cells included previously landfilled areas as well as greenfield areas. During the assessment and redevelopment of the site, BluMetric was responsible for identifying and delineating previously landfilled areas and developing a site safety protocol to deal with the excavation and contact with previously landfilled materials. BluMetric continues to be responsible for the annual environmental monitoring at the site and bi-annual operations and monitoring to the MOECC.

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